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#8240: request for ping-pong shortcut
 Reporter:  mikus             |         Owner:  Eben         
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 If I am in an Activity, and press the Neighborhood View key (F1) to view
 networks, I can use the Activity View key (F4) to return to where I was.
 That is, the Activity View key takes me to where I am/was currently.

 But if I am in an Activity, and press the Search (questionmark) key to
 view the Journal, there is no "uncomplex" way for me to get back - I must
 either bring up the Frame and select where to go, or must use alt-tab to
 cycle to where I want to be.  [Pressing the Activity View key would keep
 me in Journal.]

 This ticket is a request to provide a SHORTCUT that will take me back to
 where I was __previously__.  That is, NOT to the latest Activity I am/was
 in, but to the Activity I was in *before* the latest Activity.  [What I am
 asking is that Sugar remember the __previous__ "session" I was in, and
 provide a mechanism for me to go there.]

 I have in mind two uses for such a shortcut:

  (1)  I go from an Activity to the Journal, and use this new shortcut to
 return to the Activity I was in.

  (2)  I use this new shortcut to ping-pong between two activities --  From
 session AA I use some means to go to BB.  But once at BB, I can use this
 new shortcut to switch to AA (the *previous* session).  And having gone
 back from BB to AA, I can then use this new shortcut to switch to BB.

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