#7662 HIGH 8.2.0 (: Video does not play in Particle Dye project

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Sat Aug 30 01:23:59 EDT 2008

#7662: Video does not play in Particle Dye project
   Reporter:  bert            |       Owner:  etoys               
       Type:  defect          |      Status:  new                 
   Priority:  high            |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)
  Component:  etoys-activity  |     Version:  not specified       
 Resolution:                  |    Keywords:                      
Next_action:  code            |    Verified:  0                   
  Blockedby:                  |    Blocking:                      

Comment(by ohshima):

 The plugin needs to have a way to tell the content type (video only, audio
 only, or video and audio) of a ogg stream, and the UI has to make the
 right semaphores for them.

 In the meantime, the movie was removed from the project, and the content
 of About flap was modified.

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