#6884 HIGH 8.2.0 (: Incorrect number of laptops shown in neighborhood view

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Wed Aug 27 05:33:14 EDT 2008

#6884: Incorrect number of laptops shown in neighborhood view
   Reporter:  wad               |       Owner:  Collabora           
       Type:  defect            |      Status:  new                 
   Priority:  high              |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)
  Component:  presence-service  |     Version:                      
 Resolution:                    |    Keywords:                      
Next_action:  diagnose          |    Verified:  1                   
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Comment(by gdesmott):

 I tested 4 versions of the patch. The first is a combination of the
 online, push2 and recent patches. The second is a "all in one" patches
 provided by P1. The third is a small updated version of the second. And
 the fourth is a manually rebased version of the 3rd to apply on ejabberd
 2.0.1 (the others were for 2.0.0 beta1).

 The 3rd patches is the one currently used by XS and the fourth is used in
 my updated ejabberd package [1].

 [2] contains info about the different patches. For each patch:

 - global.patch contains all the changes of the patch

 - a html file containing the result of my tests

 - a diff showing the differences between the patch and the previous one.

 According to my tests, none of these patches are working properly.
 When a new user is created it's *maybe* added to the roster of connected
 users (seems that's more often with the first patch than with the others).
 If it's not then existing users have to reconnect to get the new account
 to their rosters.

 When an account is in your roster, *sometimes* presence is not sent
 causing buddies seen as offline while they are connected or online when
 the contact is disconnected. That confirm what I have seen in logs from
 various tickets describing similar issues.

 [1] http://git.collabora.co.uk/?p=user/cassidy/ejabberd-

 [2] http://people.collabora.co.uk/~cassidy/ejabberd-patches/

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