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Tue Aug 26 19:21:50 EDT 2008

#8172: Feedback: Sharing activity histories
 Reporter:  sj            |         Owner:  Eben         
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 : It should be possible to say "Share my entire activity history" when
 sharing with someone. Otherwise there is no way to effectively share
 earlier work with a new person who joins an activity.

 Students often share and join activities and want to see what others are
 doing or have been already sharing with others; however in activities such
 as chat, record, browse, all that they see are the /future/ shared entries
 in the stream of shared info.  There should be some sort of buffer which
 is shared with new ly joining participants (or this should at least be an
 option for a session).

 I don't know whom to assign this to, Eben perhaps you know.

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