#4267 HIGH Not Tri: networks all appear twice in mesh view

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Tue Aug 26 18:10:24 EDT 2008

#4267: networks all appear twice in mesh view
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Comment(by sj):

 I don't know quite /how/ to reproduce, but I've seen this again in 711
 since testing it with visitors over the past week.

 During one of the sessions when the doubling occurred, I was at a friend's
 home where there is nothing like the 802.11 media lab network, and looking
 for his private network.

 Me : bash# iwconfig eth0 essid <LOCALNET>
      <switch to Neighborhood View>
      <see only two media lab networks, both starred>

 On restart, those networks disappeared.  Perhaps the favorites-starring
 and auto-association code is causing this?

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