#8158 NORM Not Tri: you can't back out typing in Browse's location field

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Tue Aug 26 05:07:16 EDT 2008

#8158: you can't back out typing in Browse's location field
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 In Browse 95 on joyride-2301,

 if I start to type something in the location field (even if I just click
 the cursor in it) and then decide against it, there's no way to get back
 to the page's title and/or URL.  Even if I use Back / Forward my typing
 remains.  I can only get rid of it by going to a URL.

 In Firefox 3.1 on Windows, when focused on the location field I can press
 the Esc key to "escape" from my typing and return to the current URL; also
 I can press Ctrl-U or choose Undo from the context menu.  None of these
 works in Browse.  I think at least the Esc behavior is useful.

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