#722 NORM -: Battery badges, colors and description glitches

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#722: Battery badges, colors and description glitches
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Comment(by Eben):

 Replying to [comment:22 HoboPrimate]:
 > In 8.2-756 , and all the joyrides since the battery has been placed on
 the bottom of the frame:
 >   * that it doesn't use a charging badge when charging

 This is expected behavior.  Instead, the battery indicates its status via
 color, rendered in white while charging, and in XO colors when actively

 >   * sometimes, when charging, the secondary title says 'charged' instead
 of 'charging'

 That's a bug.

 >   * the colors of the battery sometimes turn white when plugin the
 charging cord

 As described above, this is expected; in fact, it should ''always'' be

 >   * when fully charged, it should say in the secondary title "Fully

 Perhaps.  Is it necessary?  If it's white and it doesn't say charging, it
 is of course fully charged.

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