#8098 NORM 8.2.0 (: Mystery task hogs 50% of CPU.

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Sun Aug 24 04:22:39 EDT 2008

#8098: Mystery task hogs 50% of CPU.
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Comment(by thomaswamm):

 Replying to [comment:8 marco]:
 > Does this happen only after you started at least one activity? Does
 rebooting always solve it?
 > My only suspect is that the launcher icon might keep spinning. I cannot
 reproduce it though.

 Yes, I have only observed the hog when using an XO activity, always
 Browse-95, plus sometimes also Terminal, Journal, Pippy, Measure, Logs,
 Firefox-4.xo.  I avoid running more than 3 activities.  Rebooting the
 entire XO always stops the problem.  If I see the hog again, I shall try
 ctrl-alt-erase to reboot only sugar.

 As an experiment, I cold-booted my XO (to Home view, with only Journal
 started in background), then I went away for 5 hours.  No appearance of
 the 50% hog, though python /usr/bin/sugar-shell is listed in top, using
 under 1% CPU and 17% mem.  When I kill <PID> that process, X-server and
 sugar die, then restart.

 I have been running Browse a few hours now, with no hog.  I cannot yet
 reproduce the hog bug on demand.

 So I suppose sugar-shell is the sugar GUI.  Maybe the hog correlates with
 particular sugar features such as clipboard items or keyboard cheat codes
 or keyboarding errors, or persistent pallettes.  Spinning code?  To be

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