#8118 NORM Not Tri: Should be able to "Erase" an activity while running it

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Sat Aug 23 05:20:12 EDT 2008

#8118: Should be able to "Erase" an activity while running it
 Reporter:  HoboPrimate       |         Owner:  Eben         
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 Either in the Activity toolbox, or where those options will be placed in
 the future, there should be an "Erase" option, which would stop and erase
 the current activity.

 By giving the user to do this when they are finished with an actitivy they
 don't want to keep, will limit a lot of the clutter in the Journal, most
 of which are just tests, fooling around, mistaken launches, etc. So, the
 default will still allways be to save to the Journal by default, with the
 option of not saving it.

 This option could be on a secondary palette of the Stop button (Stop and
 Erase?), or exist as a separate button using the erase icon (-). That
 depends how important is this option. I say that in a "save by default"
 environment, the option to "not save" is important enough to warrant its
 own button.

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