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#8018: What is the rightmost column in Home List view ?
   Reporter:  thomaswamm   |       Owner:  marco                            
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Changes (by Eben):

  * next_action:  communicate => design


 Well, it has to do with un-implementation.  The columns we show in list
 view should have headers, which provide sorting capability and also serve
 as descriptive labels for their content.  The Home activity list contains,
 from left to right,  [favorite, activity icon, activity name, bundle
 version, installation date].

 Is there a chance that installation date is unwanted information? It seems
 it could be useful just after installing a new activity, to bring it right
 to the top to favorite/unfavorite, for instance.  Until we have sorting,
 should we just push the version number over there instead and leave the
 date out?   We could also prefix the version number with "version " if we
 wanted, until we have the column headers.  I'm open to suggestions here.
 It's both a bit sparse and also a bit unclear.

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