#8041 HIGH 9.1.0: Sugar lacks a "Trash/Recycle bin" system

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Tue Aug 19 10:30:05 EDT 2008

#8041: Sugar lacks a "Trash/Recycle bin" system
   Reporter:  HoboPrimate       |       Owner:  Eben                             
       Type:  enhancement       |      Status:  new                              
   Priority:  high              |   Milestone:  9.1.0                            
  Component:  interface-design  |     Version:  Development build as of this date
 Resolution:                    |    Keywords:  9.1.0:?                          
Next_action:  design            |    Verified:  0                                
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Changes (by Eben):

  * next_action:  never set => design
 * cc: christianmarc, tomeu, martin.langhoff (added)
  * priority:  normal => high
  * version:  not specified => Development build as of this date
  * milestone:  => 9.1.0
  * keywords:  => 9.1.0:?


 The Journal is, by design, meant to make a trash system completely
 unnecessary, on account of an incremental backup mechanism that allows
 kids to peruse record of (preview, title, description etc.) things they've
 made and since deleted (much like looking in the trash), as well as
 restore individual files from backup if they want to recover them again
 (much like removing something from the trash).  There will, of course,
 also be a way to permanently erase entries which they don't want any
 record of anymore (much like emptying the trash).

 Obviously, at some point, there won't be enough backup room either, and
 things will have to go permanently, but this can be handled in much the
 same way that the initial deletion process happens, which, as is described
 in many other places, should guide the user through their documents,
 suggesting a number of entries for deletion based on some heuristics
 (including backup-present, file size, favorite status, recency of use,
 frequency of use, etc.).

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