#8027 NORM -: Activity versions should allow adding changelogs

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#8027: Activity versions should allow adding changelogs
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 In the future, the Journal will be versioned, which is a good thing so
 that kids will get a record of all the previous iterations of their

 But they might just forget what and why they did something in one of those
 previous versions.

 Software development solves this by a mantaining a changelog which is
 updated for each version.

 I suggest this feature be added to the detailed entry of a Journal entry.
 I haven't given thought on how this could work, perhaps an extra text box
 apart from "Description" called "Changes".

 On the other hand, if descriptions are to be tied to each version of the
 object, then it can take over the role of a changelog. Not sure if the
 name "description" implies that role enough (I think of description, as if
 you were describing the whole, while in a changelog you are describing
 specifically the last changes done).

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