#7968 HIGH 8.2.0 (: keyboard and touchpad lockup soon after first boot

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Thu Aug 14 18:01:05 EDT 2008

#7968: keyboard and touchpad lockup soon after first boot
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 installed joyride-2301, using copy-nand.

 booted, entered name when prompted, and while navigating to connect to the
 network (to allow for updates), the touchpad jumped a bit (i recall
 touching it with two fingers by accident, so jump was probably expected)
 and then the mouse locked up solid.  keyboard and touchpad were both

 USB keyboard and mouse still worked.  switched to alt-f1 console.  built-
 in keyboard still not working, mouse unknown.  to prove that EC was still
 running, used power button to suspend, and then resume.  this was

 switched back to sugar screen.  touchpad started working again, keyboard
 did not.

 unit is still in that condition.

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