#7964 BLOC 8.1.1 (: C3 laptops sometimes identified as pre-B3 (B2)

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Thu Aug 14 16:44:20 EDT 2008

#7964: C3 laptops sometimes identified as pre-B3 (B2)
   Reporter:  wad           |       Owner:  rsmith               
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   Priority:  blocker       |   Milestone:  8.1.1 (was Update1.1)
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Changes (by rsmith):

  * next_action:  code => add to build


 Replying to [ticket:7964 wad]:
 > Some C3 motherboards are erroneously identified as B2 motherboards by
 the EC.   This can cause brick (or brick-like) symptoms.   They are
 running Q2E12 firmware.
 > The hardware components are fine -- the board ID voltage is ALMOST
 identical between working and non-working units.   The non-working units
 have board ID voltages slightly below 2.06V (the ideal for C3), but still
 well within tolerances.

 Typo in the table. Will be in the upcoming Q2E13 release.

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