#7785 HIGH 9.1.0: unreliable ethernet connection

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#7785: unreliable ethernet connection
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Comment(by gregorio):

 Hi Albert,

 Sorry I still don't quite understand this one.

 I agree that the XO shojuld use the wire if its connected. I added that as
 something to consider in the next release at:

 A few more question on this particular bug: are you saying that any
 interruption of signal on the wire brings the connection down? e.g. if I
 unplug the wire then plug it back in 3 seconds later.

 When does the XO pick a "bogus IP"? I think we only go out to dhcp at
 startup. Once you have an IP and are on the network, is there any time
 when you would need to contact the dhcp server again?

 Did you find any other specific cases beyond the trouble connecting to the
 dhcp server?

 How do we reproduce this problem? How do you know that the wireless didn't
 connect, find a dhcp server and get the IP address that way?

 How slow was the dhcp server? How do you know it was slow? Did you get an
 IP address and a default gateway from DHCP (anything else)?

 If this is just a suggestion then there's no need to spend a lot of time
 on it. If there's a failure case for USB -> Ethernet connections we
 probably can't hold up this release for it unless it fatal in a large
 fraction of cases. If this problem also affects the wireless connections
 and there are a significant number of cases then we would consider it for
 blocker status.


 Greg S

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