#7958 NORM 8.2.0 (: DCON showed old screen image during suspend, with extra black "dusty" spots

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#7958: DCON showed old screen image during suspend, with extra black "dusty" spots
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 This is a rare condition that I think I may have seen or heard of once

 XO G1G1 MP "Xoroaster", S/N CSN7500230F, Joyride 2263, firmware is a
 custom special test version by rsmith: "Q20107", a post-Q2E12 but pre-
 Q2E13 version.

 I had just run a power test for rsmith in a terminal activity.  The
 machine was configured for Mesh channel 1 (Simple Mesh) during the test.
 The machine had suspended at the end of that test, showing that the
 battery was fully charged.  (The screen shows a log of battery status
 every 10 seconds or so, from the olpc-pwr-log command.)  I woke up the
 suspended system with a keypress, tried to scp and failed, switched the
 network configuration to use a local access point, and scp'd the files to
 another machine so I could send them to Richard.  I sent the email at
 about 22:40 (Pacific time) and then got into an extended irc conversation.

 When I glanced back at the XO, at 23:07, it was suspended, and the screen
 was "spotty", with a lot of black dust mixed into the image.  But the most
 interesting part is that the screen image was the image at the end of the
 battery test -- not including the subsequent commands!

 I realized this was probably a DCON issue, and took two photos of the
 screen.  From the IRC log, the image persisted until 23:20, when I had set
 up a camera to take a video of what happened when I resumed the system
 with a keypress.  Those are attached.  My prediction was that the screen
 would jump to show the correct contents immediately upon resume.  Indeed,
 it did.

 My theory is that the system suspended normally during the end of the
 power test.  But its next suspend, 65 seconds after I finished scp-ing the
 files off the XO, was abnormal.  The DCON missed the DCONLOAD signal that
 should've copied the current screen contents into the DCON's little 1MB
 DRAM buffer.  When the suspend code switched the screen so the DCON would
 refresh it, it started refreshing from the *prior* contents of that buffer
 -- with some bit-rot speckles because the DRAM buffer doesn't get
 refreshed when it isn't in use.  That's the theory.

 Some time after the above, I captured "dmesg" output and have attached
 that as well.  It seems to have the last four suspends.  There are some
 odd kernel messages, but they're about the CAFE chip, not about the DCON.

 In the GMT timezone of the laptop, the last power file was written at
 2008-08-14 05:26, and the subsequent dmesg command was at 06:33.

 Richard remembers some i2c problems with the CPU talking to the DCON, that
 were never fully diagnosed; perhaps that's the root cause.  He says the EC
 is not involved unless the DCON needs to be reset.  (I didn't see any
 indication of a DCON reset in the dmesg log, but I don't know what to look

 (For contrast, see #2358 for a very early DCONLOAD problem while suspend
 was originally being debugged.)

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