#7901 NORM 8.2.0 (: WEP doesn't work with OpenBSD AP

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Sun Aug 10 01:26:08 EDT 2008

#7901: WEP doesn't work with OpenBSD AP
 Reporter:  roland    |         Owner:  dwmw2               
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 Priority:  normal    |     Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)
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 I have a G1G1 laptop running build 708, and I am not able to get wireless
 working with my home network. My access point is a PC running OpenBSD 3.9,
 and the wireless network is a B/G network running WEP (with a 40-bit hex

 The failure mode with my WEP network is a little strange.  The laptop
 associates fine and gets an IP address using DHCP.  However, it is unable
 to receive any other traffic.  For example, if I run tcpdump on the AP and
 try to ping the AP's IP address from the olpc, I see the ARP requests from
 the olpc but the olpc does not seem to get the ARP responses.  If I
 manually use "arp -s" to enter the AP's MAC address on the olpc, then when
 I run ping, I see the ICMP echo requests from the olpc, but the olpc does
 not seem to get the responses.  (I don't really understand why the initial
 DHCP response gets through and is received by the olpc -- but it is, since
 the olpc gets an IP)

 People have used this same wireless network with many devices with no
 problems -- I routinely use Thinkpad X60 and T42 laptops running Linux as
 well as a Nokia E61i phone on it, and other people have used Windows
 laptops and an ipod touch successfully.

 I have been able to use open wireless networks with the olpc laptop.

 Please let me know if there is any further debug information that would be
 helpful in fixing this.

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