#5657 NORM 8.2.0 (: Rainbow should check that loophole'd activities come from /usr/share/activities.

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Thu Aug 7 12:10:57 EDT 2008

#5657: Rainbow should check that loophole'd activities come from
   Reporter:  cscott     |       Owner:  homunq                                 
       Type:  defect     |      Status:  new                                    
   Priority:  normal     |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)                   
  Component:  security   |     Version:                                         
 Resolution:             |    Keywords:  security, rainbow-integration, r?, 8.2?
Next_action:  never set  |    Verified:  0                                      
  Blockedby:             |    Blocking:                                         
Changes (by homunq):

  * keywords:  security, rainbow-integration => security, rainbow-
               integration, r?, 8.2?



 (note: two independent patches, to cover two parts of this bug. The "don't
 install applications in Rainbow's loophole" is to sugar-toolkit, and the
 "don't add bundles to registry..." is to sugar.

 To test sugar-toolkit: Use Browse to download a new (or old) version of
 Terminal, Log, or Analyze. Run from journal. Confirm that they did not

 To test sugar: you need to hack an activity to call
 sugar.activity.registry.add_bundle using a path not in ~/Activities, and
 make sure it fails to add. I will post a hacked activity that does that
 later today.

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