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#7528: Firmware release - 5.110.22.p17
   Reporter:  carrano        |       Owner:  cscott              
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   Priority:  high           |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)
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Changes (by carrano):

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 I'm reopening this ticket.

 As previously discussed, the release process for wireless firmware
 includes regular tests that are performed on all firmware releases and
 specific tests that confirm that bug fixes and new features introduced are
 indeed working as expected. And the ticket is the place where the results
 (good or bad) are reported.

 These tests are not over for this release, so let's please keep it open
 until we are happy with the firmware. Closing the ticket marks the
 transition to a new test phase (the joyride), what brings me to the next

 The agreed upon release process determined that the firmware would be
 released to joyride only when these tests were finished. I noticed that
 this was not observed this time, but since joyride is also a test
 environment, and since this initial tests were taking more than the usual
 (I admit that, and the reason is that it took us a long time to validate
 the main new feature of this release: the upgrade of images to the
 standalone module) I considered this changing on the rules, at this
 specific moment, reasonable. But I see it as an exception.

 This release process has increased the overall quality of what's delivered
 to the community. Note that since it was implemented only two releases
 were approved to go ahead  (into joyride), p6 and p14. Typically, when
 problems are found we report and interact with Marvell that works fast and
 release a new version. These two releases p6 and p14 were definitely
 superior to its predecessors (we could not say the same of p8, p9 and p10,
 for example).

 I suggest we keep this process which is a clear advancement over the
 previous scene and moreover it is the result of an extensive debate.

 So, once we're convinced that this is indeed our next firmware we should
 keep this open.


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