#7672 NORM Future : Upgrade XS networking scripts to F9

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#7672: Upgrade XS networking scripts to F9
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Comment(by martin.langhoff):

 The first step is to understand what the current scripts do - separated
 from the how. So I will try to outline the design and behaviour of the
 current scripts.

 The first point of entry is reading the whole "Networking" section in this
 page. All of it :-)

 It introduces

  - network_config
  - principal_config
  - auxiliary_config

 These scripts deal with

  - Configuring network interfaces
    - 1 NIC scenarios have eth0 as WAN / 2 NIC scenarios add eth1 as LAN
    - Can set preferential MAC address prefix for some interfaces. This can
 be used by the NOC team to get the right NIC setup as eth0.
    - Sets up the pair of ethX/mshY interfaces that are attached to every
 Active Antenna.
    - Sets up all the bridges between the interfaces considered LAN
    - Picking non-conflicting IP addresses for auxiliary servers.
    - Sets the router address for auxiliary servers
  - Very rough service chkconfig configuration for the auxiliary vs primary
  - Rough firewall config for primary/auxiliary servers

 The top of each script - after the GPL - has an extensive comment
 explaining what it does. And after that, you can scroll down to the 'main'
 block -- I find both very readable. The scripts are here if you don't have
 a checkout http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=projects/xs-

 The 3 scripts make sense to me - - I would attack it with a get-to-work-
 stable-on-f9 focus, roughly:

  - Can we make the networking configuration work in a stable manner on F9?
 Do we need to hook into the events infrastructure so when an ethernet
 cable gets plugged into an if we do the right thing? Could we make it so
 that we autodetect and configure an AA on usb connection?

  - Can we allow additional MAC prefix preferences to be read from an
 optional config file so that a NOC team can override things easily?

  - Can we consolidate the code / remove duplication? (trivial ;-) )

  - Can we remove the service mgmt from it? :-)

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