#5313 BLOC 8.2.0 (: Ejabberd falls over

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Mon Aug 4 10:17:33 EDT 2008

#5313: Ejabberd falls over
   Reporter:  daf              |       Owner:  Collabora           
       Type:  defect           |      Status:  new                 
   Priority:  blocker          |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)
  Component:  telepathy-other  |     Version:                      
 Resolution:                   |    Keywords:                      
Next_action:  communicate      |    Verified:  0                   
  Blockedby:                   |    Blocking:                      
Changes (by mstone):

 * cc: wad, martin.langhoff (added)
  * next_action:  never set => communicate


 Sjoerd asked: "what hardware should we be testing the XS software with?"

 There were two replies:

 "What have you currently got?"


 "It would be good to use the same hardware that was used in the
 [http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Collaboration_Network_Testbed CNT]."

 Unfortunately, Wad did not indicate what hardware he used on that page.

 Relatedly, what test plans should Collabora help to execute? Those already
 listed on the CNT page?

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