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#7798: old files in .sugar/default
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 (joyride 2241, from August 2008)

 I've upgraded through a few versions of the OS image via olpc-update,
 including through the version change that switched from pre-installed
 activities in /usr to user-installed ones in /home.

 I now notice that numerous activity-specific directories in
 /home/olpc/.sugar/default got left around. For example, I still had
 TamTam-related stuff.

 Some of these directories were in the 10 to 99 megabyte range.

 Remember that sugar does not allow/encourage the user to browse this part
 of the filesystem. Had I not used the command line, I'd still be wasting
 my storage space.

 Assuming that it is normal to try new activities and then discard the
 yucky ones, this could be a contributing factor to running out of nand
 space. It's possible that only olpc-update causes this, not normal
 activity deletion.

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