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#7792: planet.laptop.org has inappropriate non-olpc content
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Comment(by cjb):

 SJ, that mostly describes what exists already -- I've asked everyone for
 OLPC-specific feeds, and taken them where possible.  The result is still
 that often people don't write solely about OLPC.

 I think I maintain that you're trying to make the content we have into an
 OLPC blog, where it's just not being written for that purpose.  If you'd
 like to get a source of updates about our projects and deployments, you
 need to work on *getting people to write about them*, rather than hoping
 that source will appear if you can just remove enough content from the
 current planet.

 I'm not opposed to creating more planets if you want them, though I'm
 unlikely to write any code to enable viewing multiple planets on a single
 site.  Maybe planet.laptop.org could be a portal to offtopic-planet,
 ontopic-planet and spanish-planet, or something.

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