#5144 BLOC Ship.2: Marvell firmware should default to mesh off, and have controls for turning mesh on and off

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Tue Nov 27 17:26:19 EST 2007

#5144: Marvell firmware should default to mesh off, and have controls for turning
mesh on and off
  Reporter:  jg        |       Owner:  rchokshi          
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Comment(by mbletsas):

 Marvell's release notes

 New Features/Bug fixes
 1. Mesh start/stop control from the driver.
 By default mesh is off.
 2. Firmware ready event after firmware is downloaded from host and
 initialized -- OLPC ticket #4637
 3. Fix for OLPC ticket #4927.

 Additional notes for driver etc.
 1. Libertas driver patch is required to handle firmware ready event.
 2. Libertas driver patch is required for mesh start/stop feature.
 3. Changes introduced in the firmware does not allow certain
 services to run unless the  already running service on a given channel
 stopped by the
 driver. This may need changes in the application, in particular, Network
 Manager that must stop the existing service before trying association with
 the other BSSs.
 4. Firmware suspend-resume behavior. Driver needs to make sure that mesh
 is running before putting firmware into suspend state. In the absence of
 this, user needs to make sure mesh is running. The attached patch does not
 issue mesh start,
 if mesh is not running, prior to moving into suspend state.
 5. All instances of mesh autostart enable/disable have been removed from
 the driver. This is as per mesh always on/start/stop design. Any such
 command will be returned NOT supported by the firmware. The existing
 does not check command return code properly and it's observed that initial
 firmware initialization fails with existing driver, due to 'not supported'
 command response.

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