#4646 HIGH Update.: Systemwide keyboard shortcuts break terminal apps (e.g. nano)

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#4646: Systemwide keyboard shortcuts break terminal apps (e.g. nano)
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Changes (by Eben):

 * cc: tomeu, HoboPrimate, kristic, walter (added)


 CTRL is also our primary modifier key, and therefore the one that should
 be doing things like save (keep), quit (stop), copy, paste, open (resume),
 etc.  These are all functions that every activity should support, and
 should obviously be consistent across them.

 I think that terminal apps are a special case here, because obviously
 activities like Paint should be first class members of the system and
 adhere to these standard shortcut rules.  I'd be willing to bet that most
 of the overlap you found in TuxPaint was for key bindings for the same
 purposes.  As far as Terminal goes, I'd argue that we should map the
 controls as usual when directly within the shell, but ignore them when
 there is a process (such as nano) in the foreground, allowing the controls
 to function within the process until exited.

 What do others think about this?  I'm not the authority on this, and I'm
 spoiled by OSX in which command provides ubiquitous and consistent
 shortcuts and ctrl is "leftover" for use in the Terminal and other such
 circumstances.  Perhaps this does in fact need to be policy, but I
 ''strongly'' dislike the idea of having some basics such as "keep" and
 "stop" be anything but completely standard across all activities.

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