#1752 BLOC Trial-2: USB wireless suspend/resume failure at setup phase

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Wed Jun 27 21:16:38 EDT 2007

#1752: USB wireless suspend/resume failure at setup phase
  Reporter:  marcelo   |       Owner:  marcelo
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  Priority:  blocker   |   Milestone:  Trial-2
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Comment (by jcardona):

 Tested the suspend/resume cycles, wireless initiated resume on the
 following configuration:

 '''OFW:''' q2c17[[BR]]
 '''wlan fw:''' 5.110.16[[BR]]
 '''kernel:''' git master [[BR]]
 commit  50822dfb280c7d63f5cf215b78ef37978060f158 [[BR]]
 + patches http://dev.laptop.org/~marcelo/libertas_resume [[BR]]

 Two different laptops show very different behaviors:

 xo1 - '''B3-4 SHF720000B0''', resumes well.  We can have hundreds of
 suspend/resume cycles before seeing a problem.  The problems that we have
 seen are #1814 and #1835.

 xo2 - '''B3-2 SHF720000B0''', fails to resume.  Maximum successful
 iterations ~10. Logs of the failure are
 here] and [https://cozybit1.dnsalias.org/~javier/debug_olpc_usb/failed-
 resume-2.log here]

 As mentioned by marcelo in the second comment above, reloading the host
 controller driver does not resolve the problem.  Logs
 resume-2-modprobe_ehci_hdc.log here].

 cjb has a laptop that also fails in the same way as xo2.  Logs
 [http://dev.laptop.org/~cjb/libertas-resume11 here].

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