[Trac #417] abiword doesn't render arabic.

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#417: abiword doesn't render arabic.
 Reporter:  warp     |        Owner:  msevior
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  new    
 Priority:  high     |    Milestone:  BTest-3
Component:  abiword  |   Resolution:         
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Comment (by tf):

 > Having to manually find fonts with specific language coverage is so '80s
 > We dragged X kicking and screaming into proper font support  early in
 this millenium....

 You seem to have forgotten what the 80's were like -- when this millenium
 arrived unices were still using 8-bit locales as a matter of course, and
 AbiWord, which was using Unicode from day one, was jumping through hoops
 to work around the limitations (and still is). ;-)

 Since support for complex scripts matters to the OLPC, you might want to
 find someone to work on Pango to get it up to scratch -- Pango is still
 missing the ability to do justification, which no self-respecting complex
 script processor can be without (Behdad does an excellent job, but there
 is only so much any single person can do).

 Anyway, I have made what I think are the necessary changes upstream.

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