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#534: Need image for the splashscreen
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 I've attached a startup screen image to this ticket.  This should appear
 as soon as possible (ideally, the screen should transition from black
 directly to this).  This should remain until boot has reached a point at
 which we can replace it with a dynamically rendered SVG.  The transition
 between static and dynamic is of utmost importance: there should be
 absolutely no visible gap at the moment of transition in order to make
 startup feel seamless.  Likewise, if there is another transition to the
 true Home screen when the ring becomes visible, this too should be

 In order to make the transitions as seamless as possible, here are the
 details of the static screen to match on the dynamic startup screen (and
 also the Home screen).

 '''XO size:''' stock-buddy SVG scaled by 275%
 [[BR]]'''XO position:''' dead center, its center point at (600, 450)
 [[BR]]'''XO stroke:''' #FFFFFF
 [[BR]]'''XO fill:''' none (until dynamic screen animation begins)
 [[BR]]'''Background color:''' #E2E2E2

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