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#663: Missing X keysyms
 Reporter:  marco            |        Owner:  walter   
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 Alright, in #681 we have the updated source of setolpckeys.c, this maps
 the scancodes to HID symbols.

 For the non-language functions we do not seem to currently be mapping
 those into X keysyms properly, this is a two stage issue.

 First, we must add to keycodes/evdev the HID numbers and symbolic key
 labels, see what's there for examples, and that may or may not cover all
 the ones that we are using, it needs to be checked.

 Then we need to map those key labels to X keysyms, I'd suggest a
 symbols/olpc with a functions section that we just include in the OLPC
 variants of each language.

 Below I'll list the key, the HID symbol name, the number of the HID
 symbol, and if possible a suggested X keysym.

 NOTE: HID keys over 0xFF/255 are a major problem, if we need to see them,
 bug me and we'll find a solution of some sort.

 FIXME: We can't actually communicate these to X.
 FN: KEY_FN: 0x1D0:
 FN + ESC: KEY_FN_ESC: 0x1D1:

 Camera: KEY_CAMERA: 0xD4: XF86XK_WebCam
 FN + Camera: KEY_SOUND: 0xD5: XF86XK_AudioRecord

 FIXME: We can't actually communicate these to X.
 FN + F1-F12: KEY_FN_F1-F12: 0x1D2-0x1DD: XK_F22-XK_33
 FN + .5F: KEY_F13-KEY_F21: 0xB7-0xBF: XK_F13-XK_F21

 Chat: KEY_CHAT: 0xD8: XF86XK_Messenger
 FN+Chat: KEY_CHAT: 0xD8: XF86XK_Messenger
 Frame: KEY_MENU: 0x8B: XK_Menu
 FN+Frame: KEY_PROG1: 0x94: osfXK_MenuBar
 Language: KEY_HP: 0xD3: <whatever symbol it's bound to>

 FIXME: FN + Language should be different, right?
 FN + Language: KEY_HP: 0xD3: <whatever symbol it's bound to>

 FIXME: Meta? Super? Hyper?  Something else?

 FN + Space: KEY_KBDILLUMTOGGLE: 0xE4: XF86XK_LightBulb
 Brightness key: KEY_SWITCHVIDEOMODE: 0xE3: XF86XK_BrightnessAdjust

 FIXME: Some way to tell left and right game keys apart?
 Game keys: Bound to the keypad 8/2/4/6 (up/down/left/right) in both cases.

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