#5532 HIGH Update.: Sugar shell consuming vast amounts of memory

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#5532: Sugar shell consuming vast amounts of memory
  Reporter:  kimquirk  |       Owner:  tomeu   
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  Priority:  high      |   Milestone:  Update.1
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Changes (by tomeu):

 * cc: tomeu (added)
  * owner:  marco => tomeu


 We were leaking a set of objects that were instantiated at every
 BuddyAppeared signal. That includes dbus proxies, and model and UI

 We were leaking because of three causes:

  - Palette was hold by a reference in PaletteGroup and by a bound method
 referred in PaletteObserver.
  - sugar.presence.buddy.Buddy was hold by the dbus signals it listens to
 and by the object cache in PresenceService.
  - BuddyMenu was hold by a signal in HomeModel it listens to.

 The attached patch fixes all three and now we only grow a dbus.ObjectPath
 per buddy. This is very small compared to the previous situation, but I
 still want to know if it's a leak or just a cache inside dbus-python.

 Marco, can you give a look to the attached patch? Perhaps there are
 simpler solutions to those.

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