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#5535: Omnibus space saving list
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 #4281 has a good list of cruft to clean up.  I want to highlight system
 pieces that take up a lot of space in a separate ticket.

 Here are some things in the current build that could be slimmed down
 (around 100M in all).

 Things we may be able to replace/do without:
 * 9M of cracklib-dicts  (see #5259)
 * Numeric (1.7M) even though we're replacing it with Numpy (see #1286)
 * F2Py in Numpy (2M; python interfaces for Fortran)

 Extra python bits & test suites in /usr/lib/python2.5 (7+ M):
 * test/ 5.6M
 * bsddb/test/ ,  email/test/ , sqlite3/test/ , ctypes/test/ , site-
 packages/pysqlite2/test/ , site-packages/setuptools/tests/

 Extra data in:
 * /usr/share/locale (16M of messages)
 * /usr/share/terminfo (3.3M)
 * /lib/kbd/keymaps/{amiga,atari,map,ppc,sun}
 * /usr/share/hwdata
 * /usr/share/zoneinfo  (3M of binary timezone descrs)

 Good targets for compression:
 * /usr/share/boot-anim (55M of anim, excluding the ul warning)

 Again, see #4281 for other details and discussion.

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