#3807 LOW Update.: TrayScrollButton not same color as Tray

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Mon Dec 10 12:07:44 EST 2007

#3807: TrayScrollButton not same color as Tray
  Reporter:  erikb   |       Owner:  marco                            
      Type:  defect  |      Status:  new                              
  Priority:  low     |   Milestone:  Update.1                         
 Component:  sugar   |     Version:  Development build as of this date
Resolution:          |    Keywords:  review?                          
  Verified:  0       |  

Comment(by benzea):

 The following update of the patch just fixes the issue that the icon size
 was too large (did not notice it earlier).

 As there is the issue with ticket #4892 we _could_ modify the stroke and
 fill colors of the icon when setting the button insensitive for the same

 That would work by adding the following code to the scrollbutton:
     def set_sensitive(self, sensitive):
         # Also change the icon colors, as the sugar icons do not pick up
         # the state currently.
         ToolButton.set_sensitive(self, sensitive)
         if sensitive:
             self.icon.props.stroke_color = None
             self.icon.props.fill_color = None
             color = "#808080"
             self.icon.props.stroke_color = color
             self.icon.props.fill_color = color

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