#5388 NORM Never A: Add Distance v10 to Update.1

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Thu Dec 6 23:44:53 EST 2007

#5388: Add Distance v10 to Update.1
 Reporter:  bemasc     |       Owner:  jg            
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 Distance v10 contains three changes relative to Acoustic Tape Measure v7,
 which is currently in the build:
 1. New name: Distance
 2. Fixed a serious file-descriptor leak in $TMP, which is stored in RAM.
 3. Added shortcut-button functionality so that Distance can easily be used
 in tablet mode.

 Between these three changes, most files have been modified slightly.  v10
 is tested and working.  See #4482 for more history, and the .xo file.

 I have not yet uploaded anything to public_rpms/ .

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