#5202 NORM Future : Acoustic Tape Measure thinks I'm short!

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#5202: Acoustic Tape Measure thinks I'm short!
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Comment(by ohshima):

 Replying to [comment:4 AlbertCahalan]:
 > Dragging the dimension arrowheads would work nicely.
 > The laptop-mode diagram covers the ebook-mode case,
 > so the existing layout works fine.
 > An alternative is to just show all measurements
 > all of the time. This is probably easiest to use,
 > since nothing needs to be clicked on.

 But we really shouldn't get ourselves confused the purpose of this
 activity.  To measure the height of a person, standard tools like real
 tape measure are more reliable, precise, fast, and direct. No need to
 consider the effects from temperature and humidity which should not change
 your height.  (The dimension of the XO laptop itself could be a new unit
 of measurement; my height would be between 7 and 8 "XO-feet".)

 Showing all measuremant is just an attempt to obscure the fact that this
 is not the best tool to measure the 1-2 meters distance.  It just should
 be more explorable and explainable, and the UI should be simpler.
 (Probably response time should be a slider to change the interval,

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