#5335 NORM Never A: More mdns traffic then expected

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#5335: More mdns traffic then expected
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 In various traces MDNS seems to be a bit more chatty then initially
 expected. This was only a quick analysis though, so this conclusion could
 be a bit premature.

 What needs to be investigated is what the actualy traffic is (what records
 are being polled for by who and how often).. This needs to be compared to
 the MDNS/DNS-SD specs to see if this matches what would be expected for
 the number of services we have..

 From this we can see if either there are small bugs in avahi causing more
 traffic then needed or if we should try to optimize avahi more to reduce
 the traffic while still being within the limits of the spec.

 Note that MDNS is not particularity well suited for presence in a mesh
 network as it always requires replies from an authorative source instead
 of spreading knowledge through the network. So i'm personally not sure if
 it's worth spending a lot of time on if it doesn't lead to scaling issues
 in the short term. For the long term a better presence protocol is
 probably a better solution

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