#2611 BLOC Trial-2: Accented characters cause a sugar crash.

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Wed Aug 1 06:44:36 EDT 2007

#2611: Accented characters cause a sugar crash.
  Reporter:  cjb               |       Owner:  smcv    
      Type:  defect            |      Status:  assigned
  Priority:  blocker           |   Milestone:  Trial-2 
 Component:  presence-service  |     Version:          
Resolution:                    |    Keywords:  patch   
  Verified:  0                 |  
Changes (by smcv):

  * keywords:  => patch
  * status:  new => assigned


 False alarm - when I reapplied the patch (or in fact, copied in the
 modified buddy.py), the file on my USB stick was corrupted somehow (it
 seemed to have the activation key written into the middle!) which
 obviously caused PS to crash.

 I've just re-imaged to 540 and re-copied buddy.py (one XO with logs
 enabled, one XO with no logs, both with non-ASCII names) and both show up
 correctly in the mesh view. I'll leave this bug open while I investigate
 which build it first showed up in, but the fix is in git.

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