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#629: using open source linux instant messenger CSpace for OLPC Chat and
 Reporter:  morningstar       |       Owner:  orospakr                
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 Priority:  high              |   Milestone:  BTest-1b                
Component:  develop-activity  |    Keywords:  Chat, Instant Messenger,
 '''CSpace''' is an ''open source'' Instant Messenger for ''Linux'' and
 written in Python.
 As it is ''serverless'' and works ''fully decentral'', it is perfect for
 the use of nodes in a wireless meshed network and so for the goals of
 OLPC. It uses a p2p ''kademlia DHT structure'' to search for online-
 buddies. Because it is not related to any company and uses its Kademlia
 Lookup-Service, it is perfect for the ''installer image of OLPC''.
 Redhats linux distribution is already implementng it as a default service
 for linux.
 As CSpace allows to have Remote Help for each user, a wireless
 Administrator at school can fix installer problems or teach with the mouse
 on the laptop of any child, using cspace and its remote desktop function.
 This educational function of cspace is a very good core competency.


 Homepage: Http://Cspace.in
 '''LINUX: http://www.aabdalla.com/cspace/'''
 Releases: http://www.aabdalla.com/releases/
 '''Version 1.24

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