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Marvell's SheevaPlug Linux PC fits in its power adapter via Engadget de
Joseph L. Flatley em 24/02/09
Marvell has the technology and the vision, and if the company gets its
way the world will soon be overrun by lilliputian Linux machines.
Hiding in wall warts and the like, these guys will begin quietly taking
over tasks that we once relegated to servers and desktop machines. To
this end, the company has just announced that they'll be making the
SheevaPlug dev kit available. This is the platform that PogoPlug is
based on, consisting of a 1.2GHz Kirkwood processor, 512MB flash
storage, 512MB DRAM, a Gigabit Ethernet port, and USB 2.0. This bad boy
supports many standard Linux 2.6 kernel distributions, and the whole
thing plugs directly into a standard wall socket, drawing "less than
one tenth of the power of a typical PC" while in use. Currently
available for $99, the company says that it anticipates a price drop to
$49 "in the near future."
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