[OLPC Brasil] letramento digital nas escolas americanas é preocupação

Junia Anacleto junia at dc.ufscar.br
Wed Oct 29 14:37:52 EDT 2008

vejam que é uma questão pedagógica, e nao apenas de recursos tecnológicos
observem também a preocupação com os estrangeiros.

Testing for Tech Literacy*
* BusinessWeek (10/28/08) MacMillan, Douglas*
The National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) has announced plans to
develop the first nationwide assessment of technological learning in U.S.
schools in an effort to reverse the slide in test scores for science, math,
and engineering. NAGB, a government-commissioned independent council, has
awarded WestEd a $1.86 million contract to work with educators, school
officials, the business community, and the public on constructing a test,
which could reach schools in 2012. "If you look at the business community
and post-secondary work, those sectors really need students who have
science, technology, and engineering backgrounds to fill jobs in these new
and dynamic fields," says NAGB executive director Mary Crovo. The National
Science Foundation reports that the number of full-time graduate enrollments
in computer science and engineering courses decreased 11 percent in 2004
since peaking in 2002. The number of foreigners with bachelor's degrees
holding jobs in U.S. science and engineering almost doubled from 1990 to
2005. Supporters hope the test will establish a foundation for renewed and
deeper emphasis on science and engineering at the earliest levels. WestEd
will establish a panel of advisers that includes instructors and
representatives from tech companies such as Intel and Google. "Our world is
changing, the way we do business is changing, our reliance on each other is
changing," says Intel's Paige Kuni, a panel member. "Kids have to be able to
master those types of skills to be ready for a U.S. economy when they come
out of the school system."

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