[OLPC Brasil] [resposta42] Microsoft's alliance with OLPC, and the exit of Walter Bender!!

José Antonio Rocha joseantoniorocha at gmail.com
Fri May 30 21:59:59 EDT 2008

Wow! Apoio do criador do Mobilis!

A segunda prioridade do Sugarlabs é rodar Sugar em todas as plataformas.
Acho o caminho certo, também.

Haverá um mix de plataformas no projeto UCA brasileiro, por contingências da
transparência do processo licitatório. Um lote pode ganhar o OLPC, outro
lote pode ganhar o Classmate, ou Mobilis. O importante é que o ambiente seja
padronizado. Sugar pode se solidificar nessa vaga.

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 11:29 AM, Charles Pilger <charles.pilger at gmail.com>

> Microsoft's alliance with OLPC, and the exit of Walter Bender!!<http://fromgoodtogold.blogspot.com/2008/05/microsofts-alliance-with-olpc-and-exit.html>  I
> have several problems with Negroponte's philosophy on the OLPC Project. At
> the outset, I must confess my admiration for any "disruptive" idea or
> technology. By that count, the OLPC is a good disruptive technology.
> However, Negroponte's business model of initially insisting that poor
> countries purchase 1 million units at $100 a piece was a real stinker.
> Imagine, having to shell out $100 million for an unproven concept!! No
> matter how relevant and exciting the OLPC technology might have been, that
> is not the way to gouge poorer countries with unproven concepts and
> products. Poor countries have scarce resources and have the right to
> prioritize usage in their own unique ways.
> The right way to proliferate the OLPC in these countries would have been to
> align with philanthropic foundations that would put up the money to deliver
> OLPC devices to poorer countries.
> Then, this recent OLPC tie-up with M$ has come as an absolute shocker. The
> initial focus on the "constructionist" learning model will now vanish with
> M$'s focus on the dollar. Young students starting out with XP will become
> robotic users of mobile computing devices and applications as defined by M$,
> rather than develop as creative human beings capable of personalizing open
> source software to their unique situations through incremental or deeper
> changes.
> I am glad Walter Bender has seen the light and moved on to Sugar Labs where
> he will continue with the constructionist learning philosophy.
> Since Sugar is open-sourced, we would love to put it on our own hardware,
> the Encore Mobilis which I designed and built with a small dedicated team of
> engineers at Bangalore, India. We are justifiably proud of our own product
> but also appreciate the good features, like Sugar, in competing products. I
> am glad we will now be in a position to offer Sugar on the Mobilis, should
> we decide to, and provide our users more choice.
> Good luck, Walter, and keep the open-source flag flying!! Freedom of choice
> is important for all of us. Let a thousand flowers bloom.
> Shashank
>  Posted by Shashank Garg  at 11:10 PM<http://fromgoodtogold.blogspot.com/2008/05/microsofts-alliance-with-olpc-and-exit.html>
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