[OLPC Brasil] [BULK] Why the OLPC promotes terrorism

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Hehe! É o tipo de artigo contra o qual sequer adianta argumentar.
Simplesmente esquecer.

On Jan 24, 2008 2:36 PM, Nathalia Sautchuk Patrício
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> Está rolando na outra lista da OLPC o seguinte texto:
>  Why the OLPC promotes terrorism
>  Posted by Robert Graham at 8:18 PM
> When you see a hobo starving in the street, there are two things you can do.
> One is to ask the hobo what he would like to eat. The second is to hold a
> Big Mac over his head and say "Dance for your food, bum!". The second method
> is a win-win: the hobo eats, you get entertainment, and all it costs is the
> bum's dignity.

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