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Rodrigo Padula de Oliveira rodrigopadula at projetofedora.org
Mon Jul 2 10:34:51 EDT 2007

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Realmente essa limitação existe.

Sou membro do Projeto fedora e no site e instalador consta esta observação.

Inclusive, o projeto não envia mídias nem suporta os países embargados
pelos EUA. Todas as solicitações vindas destes países são
desconsideradas e respondidas como "Embargoed Destination".

Termo de liencença para o usuário final do Fedora 7

"5.  EXPORT CONTROL.  As required by U.S. law, User represents and
    warrants that it: (a) understands that the Software is subject to
    export controls under the U.S. Commerce Department's Export
    Administration Regulations ("EAR"); (b) is not located in a
    prohibited destination country under the EAR or U.S. sanctions
    regulations (currently Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan and
    Syria); (c) will not export, re-export, or transfer the Software to
    any prohibited destination, entity, or individual without the
    necessary export license(s) or authorizations(s) from the U.S.
    Government; (d) will not use or transfer the Software for use in any
    sensitive nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, or missile
    technology end-uses unless authorized by the U.S. Government by
    regulation or specific license; (e) understands and agrees that if
    it is in the United States and exports or transfers the Software to
    eligible end users, it will, as required by EAR Section 741.17(e),
    submit semi-annual reports to the Commerce Department's Bureau of
    Industry & Security (BIS), which include the name and address
    (including country) of each transferee; and (f) understands that
    countries other than the United States may restrict the import, use,
    or export of encryption products and that it shall be solely
    responsible for compliance with any such import, use, or export

Fonte: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal/Licenses/EULA7

Esta licença está em todas as mídias do fedora.

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Projeto Fedora Brasil
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