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José Antonio joseantoniorocha at gmail.com
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Na verdade, a matéria do Diário da Manhã é toda "chupada" da Newsweek (e com
erros). Sobre a matéria original, o primeiro comentário é:

*Posted By:* Jim G (2/7/2007 at 8:47:57 AM)

> *Comment:* I have seen this all before. It is the very old dumb terminal
> vs personal system discussion. There is a lot of technical misunderstanding
> in the article. For example, the devise that is being used IS A COMPUTER
> just like a cell phone is a computer. It has a cpu chip, memory, a comm chip
> and an operating system just like all computers. The technology term for it
> is Embedded system and all the key hardware and software vendors participate
> in the market already so they have to do nothing to reap the rewards of the
> devices being used in the article. One of the reasons server based
> applications using dumb terminals eventually fail is because every time a
> new user is added, the service for all users slows down. always has and
> always will. This is why the USERS DROVE the PC revolution. they got tired
> of waiting for the server geeks to meet their needs. While the device
> described will meet initial needs of the users, it will not meet their needs
> as they mature in their use of computers. As was noted by the MIT folks,
> this scheme requires very, very cheap broadband which, while it is
> technically possible in most cities, it is often not politically possible.
> For example, the actual cost to provide either DSL or cable broadband is
> less than US$ 3 per month, but in the US broadband companies retail it for
> many times that. When PCs cost less than US$ 300, it becomes cheaper to put
> the functionality in the PC. The bottom line is the scheme will work but it
> will ultimately be unsatisfying for the users and the costs will not scale
> well. Note, every computer in the world has one of my memory patents in it,
> so I know this stuff cold.
Jim G? Sim, provavelmente ele mesmo...

On 2/9/07, José Antonio <joseantoniorocha at gmail.com> wrote:
> Diário da Manhã, de Goiânia, fala sobre outro projeto indiano de
> computador barato<http://www.dm.com.br/impresso.php?id=173047&edicao=7035&cck=4>.
> Cuidado, pois a matéria é cheia de erros de apuração.

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