[OLPC Brasil] mapa de possiveis pilotos

Alexandre Van de Sande alexandrevandesande at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 18:26:25 EST 2007

fizeram um mapa onde escolas que desjeam algumas comprar xos em pequenas
quantidades podem se reunir em comprara traves do give many. senti falta do
brasil no mapa

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This is Ajay Kumar, and I am going to talk today about a chicken and egg
situation faced by the champions of OLPC at the grassroots level.

When we talk to the schools and the kindergartens, after a lot of
skepticism, and answering a lot of questions, and showing them the sugar
interface via virtual machine images, they are finally ready to try their
hands on the OLPC. And they say, "I am happy to order 10 for a small pilot
and if everything goes well, I would order for an entire class the beginning
of next year".
Make more kids happy!

The chicken and egg problem here is that they would not place a large order
until they have tried their hands on some devices, and the project would not
give them the devices unless they place a large order. While I can
understand their aversion to risk, I can equally well understand that the
OLPC's value preposition gets diluted if the entire ecosystem is not
equipped with the devices.

What I don't like in this is the fact that the entire process gets stopped,
and OLPC gets a kick for good in favor of Asus Eee or Intel CMPC. An
approach to solution can be for the OLPC champions from a geographical area
to come together and place a collective order.

*Take a look at the quick little mashup we are bringing up at

You can go and place a pin on the map stating the location of the school
where you plan to do a pilot, and the numbers you require. Please try to
keep the order number to be above 5, because you will find it very difficult
to demonstrate the power of the network below that number. As they say, the
value of the network grows as the square of the number of people connected
in it.

All in all we hope that this would help the OLPC
some more orders, and the possibility to get even larger orders due to
increased mindshare. And more importantly, this would enable you to help the
schools get warm and cozy with the technology and solution the OLPC
proposes. Please do pass on the word about the
and put it to some good use.
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Alexandre Van de Sande
rio de janeiro

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