[OLPC Brasil] Argentinian OLPC with UTUTO XS for OLPC

Daniel Olivera daniel at ututo.org
Wed Aug 9 15:25:14 EDT 2006

UTUTO XS is working with OLPC.

Imesh network, IPv6 and shared services are working.

Messenger, Videoconverence, Voip (SIP), Remote Desktop, SSH,
Collaborative editor, http server and streamer server are working with
imesh network.

Now we added 2 more access to OLPC with UTUTO XS.

Old access and working:

ssh (port 2222):
server: olpc-ar.homelinux.org
user: ututo
pass: the word "enter"

Vnc (kdrc or vncviewer tested):
server: olpc-ar.homelinux.org
pass: the word "enter"

And new access and services:

web access:
(8888 because have problem with my ISP for access to port 80)
("Compartir" is shared in english)

Stream server access:
(Select a song to play)

happy hacking!!
Daniel Olivera (Mate.Cosido) - UTUTO
"Al asesinato en masa los hombres lo llaman guerra"
"No digo nombre ni señas, solo digo compañeros"
"No soy mas libre por usar solamente software
libre. Soy mas libre porque se por que lo uso"

ICQ: 8368437 - Jabber: dolivera at jabber.org
IPv4/IPv6 site: www.ututo.org
Blog: daniel.ututo.org
SIP address: sip:ututo at iptel.org
UTUTO XS 2006 GNU System - 100% software libre
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