[Bookreader] Get Books in ASLO

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 15:55:48 EDT 2010


I think you are aware that I'm writing another FLOSS Manual, "Reading
and Leading With Sugar".  This manual will cover everything to do with
e-books and Sugar, including creating e-books in every format
supported by Sugar and publishing and distributing them.  Currently my
"publishing" chapters only cover donating e-books to Project Gutenberg
and the Internet Archive.  I'd like to include your Book Server
project in there as an option for publishing e-books.  I'd like to be
informed when you think you have something mature enough to recommend.

I already include material on your "Get Books" Activity.  However,
this weekend I discovered that it still is not available for download
via ASLO.  I thought you had put it on there a couple of months ago,
but I can't find it.

Finally, although I can't get EPUB support working on sugar-jhbuild I
did update my XO to Sugar .88 over the weekend so I can now read EPUBs
on my XO.  It works great!


James Simmons

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