[Bookreader] New version of "Reading And Leading With Sugar" awaits your review

James Simmons nicestep at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 19:28:10 EDT 2010

I've done quite a bit more work on the book and as always I'm looking
for feedback.  The book is about all aspects of using e-books with the
Sugar platform: finding them, reading them, creating them, making
e-books from bound and printed books, and publishing them, either on
your own server or by donating them to the Internet Archive or Project

This project has involved much more research than I had anticipated.
I designed and built my own book scanner, scanned and converted four
books, donated three of them to the Internet Archive, donated one of
them to Distributed Proofreaders (which will finish preparing them for
Project Gutenberg), learned how to research copyright status on books,
and lately have been investigating Sayamindu's Pathagar Book Server
project.  All that is in the book.  Not only that, but I have been
working with the Rural Design Collective in Oregon, and among other
things they have a young artist who will create a book cover so
beautiful that women will read my book by accident, believing it to be
the latest Nicholas Sparks novel.

I think that when all the pieces are in place (Pathagar, Get Books,
Library Activity, wider use of versions of Sugar > .82) we're going to
have a really terrific e-book story to tell.  Consider my book the
first draft.  You can read it here:



James Simmons

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