[Bookreader] OLPC seeking support collecting books from Archive.org

raj kumar rkumar at archive.org
Thu Jan 14 00:47:11 EST 2010

You can get a list of all French and Spanish books in CSV format from  
the advanced search engine:
http://www.archive.org/advancedsearch.php (scroll to bottom form)

I think the search you want to do is:
mediatype:texts AND (language:"spanish" OR language:spa OR  
language:"french" OR language:fre)

This gives 223631 books at this time.

You can download a list of these books in CSV format and then then  
feed them to the bulk download script found here:


Hope that helps!


On Jan 13, 2010, at 5:07 PM, Paul Commons wrote:

> For anyone who has a little time to help, OLPC would like to pull  
> Spanish & French books from Archive.org for various governments to  
> help distribute to schools.  If anyone would like to participate in  
> this project, please email me.  We could use the help and any  
> support is always appreciated.
> Looking forward to hearing back from a few eager volunteers.
> Thanks,
> Paul Commons
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