[Bookreader] Annotations, revisited

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 00:34:22 EST 2010

I just chatted this afternoon with Andi Gros, who is quite interested
in seeing annotations added to our bookreader's repertoire.  I hope we
can make some progress there, now that we have a growing active
audience of users, who will want more than author and title to figure
out what texts to use for what purposes!

Starting with something simple like "a global/local-network list of
reviews/notes/comments organized by title" without worrying about
different versions of works or annotations of specific words or
sentences, could be very usable.

Is anyone actively working on something like this atm?  I also chatted
briefly with the founder of RatePoint, who have been following OLPC
for some time and interested in making global reviews by 'product' or
'entity' happen with a simple web interface.


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