[Bookreader] [ANNOUNCE] Get Books Activity 3, now with SneakerNet/ChappalNet support

Andreas Gros info at andreasgros.net
Fri Nov 20 12:54:13 EST 2009

Thanks a lot, Sayamindu! I will shortly send an email to the bookreader 
list to start a discussion on what the best place would be to integrate 
annotations (evince or the read activity). Or have you discussed that 
already? I haven't found it on the bookreader list archive...

Best, Andi

On 20.11.2009 13:17, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:
> Hi,
> The FBReader Activity is no longer maintained - I had created it just
> to be a stop-gap solution for XO-1 based builds to read EPUB files. I
> think you should try the Read activity in the new builds - they open
> EPUB files fine.
> Thanks,
> Sayamindu

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